In the period 2018-2019, R.N.P. Romsilva – Administration of the Natural Park Lunca Mureșului R.A. maintained the lands cleared by Amorpha fruticosa during the implementation period of the SESIL project, thus achieving the sustainability of the project. This was made possible by mechanically removing the sprouts and toads of dwarf acacia with the help of the equipment purchased through the project. In the attached images, made during different periods of the years 2018, respectively 2019, it can be seen the positive results of the maintenance actions of the lands affected in the past by the extension of the species Amorpha fruticosa.

Not only on the ground was the sustainability of the project ensured: the visibility materials (shirts and leaflets) were distributed to the local stakeholders, volunteers and partners of the park administration in the period 2018-2019 in order to increase their level of information towards the negative impact of expanding invasive plant species on biodiversity. Also, during the cultural-traditional events attended by employees of the park, in the area of the protected area (Nădlac City Days, Pecica City Days, Lunca Mureș Natural Park Day, etc.), as well as during the visits of the different delegations, provided information and distributed leaflets about dwarf acacia and the importance of its mechanical elimination.

The SESIL project is an example of good practice for local communities in order to eliminate dwarf acacia in a sustainable way.

As a follow-up method of the SESIL project, R.N.P. Romsilva – Administration of the Natural Park Lunca Mureșului R.A. intends to submit a project through POIM, and among the main activities are the mechanical elimination of dwarf acacia from other surfaces in the park.

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