Arad, April 2017

On April 4, 2017, the closing conference of the project “Stopping the Extension of Invasive Plant Species in Lunca Mures – Natural Park – SESIL” is taking place. The event is organized at Hotel Central Arad, starting at 10:30.

The project “Stopping the Extension of Invasive Plant Species in Lunca Mureşului – SESIL Natural Park” had an eligible budget of 400,000 Euros was financed by the European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism, based on the Memorandum of Understanding between the Republic of Iceland, the Principality Liechtenstein, the Kingdom of Norway and the Government of Romania.

This project is part of the RO 02 Program “Biodiversity and ecosystem services” and has as promoter the Natural Park Administration of the Mureş Meadow, and as partners “Aurel Vlaicu” University Arad and Arad Development Center Association.
The objectives of the Project were:
• Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the negative effects on the agro-forest ecosystems and the habitats of community interest generated by the extension of the invasive plant species in the Lunca Mureş Natural Park;
• Rehabilitation of agro-ecosystems in the Lunca Mureş Natural Park affected by the worrying spread of invasive plant species, especially Amorpha fruticosa (dwarf acacia);
• Awareness of the public about the negative effects of expanding invasive plant species and practicing intensive farming, to the detriment of sustainable agriculture.

The Project Coverage Area was: Lunca Mureş Natural Park, within the Arad, Pecica, Semlac, Şeitin, Nadlac, Zădăreni, Felnac, Secusigiu, Periam, Saravale, Sânnicolau Mare and Cenad.

Under the project, the following were achieved or purchased:
• A GIS database, which includes the field distribution of invasive plant species from the Lunca Mures Natural Park;
• A strategy / work plan for combating and preventing the installation of invasive plant species in the protected area;
• Agricultural land rehabilitated and released by the invasive species Amorpha fruticosa. The land has been restored to the agricultural circuit and, through sustainable exploitation, will restore its ecosystem potential;
• A tractor and agricultural equipment necessary for the execution of the works for combating and preventing the installation of invasive plant species (forest milling, scarifier, plug, disc, mechanical mower) – have been purchased and used in the project implementation;
• A web page where the project, the sponsor, the partnership, the project objectives, the proposed actions, the results of the project, sesil.eu, along with a social media account were presented, attracting more than 2500 users
• 12 Local Community Awareness Meetings informing the population about the importance of combating invasive species and how the local population, especially field owners, can be actively involved in combating these plants.
• A documentary film;
• Promotional promotional materials;

A scientific symposium in which the results of the project were disseminated in the academic environment.

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